Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Check Out This Cool New Shop I Found on Etsy

I was browsing Etsy recently, as I'm wont to do, and was treated to the usual hodgepodge of wonderful things. But it wasn't until I happened upon these handbags by Afro Pumpkin, www.afropumpkin.etsy.com, that I felt the old instinctive pull of frivolous somethings that seemed to have been created just for me. Bursting with color and pop art graphics, these bags leapt off the page and into the part of my brain that stores a catalogue of unnecessary objects I covet. And the craftsmanship! I can just imagine how much time and skill went into bringing these beauties to fruition. I'd have to go without groceries to get my hands on one, but then a girl can always dream. Or save. The latter would be a novel option for me, but this arm candy would be worth it.

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