Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Something Fierce and Fancy - Large Olive Fierce Flowers Tote

Large Olive Fierce Flowers Tote,

Not too long ago I returned to painting totes (lately, as you know, I've been concentrating on making necklaces). I'd started this Large Olive Fierce Flowers Tote (a slighlty new variation on an old design I previously sold) some time ago and figured it was best to dive back in with something familiar. I forgot just how much time and energy it takes to paint one of these! But as I began to saturate the canvas with color, I remembered how satisfying it is to see my images come alive. And nothing made me happier than posting it on Etsy, just minutes ago.

I've got something else in the works; curiously, it features a hippo. To be honest, I don't think my goal is to sell these anymore (although they are, of course, still for sale). I'm more interested in finding out how many different designs I can create and seeing them all displayed next to each other in glorious color on my Etsy page. This new-found obssession is rooted in the collecting mania I developed as a child. According to my mother, I used to like to line up my Halloween candy by category instead of eating it (clearly, I've gained an appreciation for chocolate since then). Then I went on to collect bigger and better things in the form of dolls, stickers, and nail polishes, shortly followed by the books, costume jewelry, handbags, and shoes that spill out of my shelves and closets today.

So, be on the look-out for more totes. Although I must warn you that I won't be turning them out as quickly as I did in the past now that I've been relieved from the pressure of the craft shows and am devoting more time to writing.

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