Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mr. Turtle Goes International

Tiny Mr. Turtle Tote
As you undoubtedly know, summer is a notoriously slow time for Etsy sellers. People are in vacation mode, and the only holidays are of the patriotic, non gift-giving variety. So, as Labor Day drew near I was looking for ways to boost my site traffic. I found a simple one in a featured Etsy seller article. The artist (I can't remember who she was) said that she spent $3.00 a day relisting her items to push her shop back toward the top of search results. At twenty cents a listing, this worked out to fifteen relists a day! As someone who relists only one item a day (if that) I was intrigued. So, I started in earnest last weekend, relisting totes, bangles, and necklaces with abandon. For my efforts, I scored several hearts and sold my Tiny Mr. Turtle Tote to someone from Austria! Having sold nothing for a month, I was thrilled. Plus, I get the added bonus of adding Austria to my list of international sales (the rest of the list consists of the United Kingdom and Italy). I'm definitely going to keep this experiment up. Although I know reslisting so often will be somewhat expensive and won't always result in sales, I get a rush from keeping my little store on shoppers' radar.

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