Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Some Words from a Kind Customer

Remember when I sold my Tiny Mr. Turtle Tote to a woman in Austria a couple of weeks ago? Well, last night I was pleasantly surprised to discover that she'd left me some feedback on my Etsy shop, http://www.thetotetrove.etsy.com/. Here's what she had to say:

"Thank you so much for the most lovely tote! You put so much effort into everything, the packaging, the wrapping, the gifts, the card... You gave me so much more than what I paid for. I can really tell that you love what you do, and that it's much more important to you to spread your amazing creations than to earn money with them. Thank you so much! I will treasure it! :D It's really way cute!"

Reading that made my day. Sometimes, when I send out an order, I worry that the person won't like it, or that she'll think it looks different than it did on her computer screen. (I'm sure other Etsians who may be reading this can relate.) So, it's always a relief to simply not get bad feedback. (Like most of us, I'd prefer no feedback to bad feedback any day.) That having been said, it was very fulfilling to find out that this particular customer was so pleased that she was moved to write such a glowing comment.

That's all :)

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Fuzzy Figures said...

I get those responses too. Its' an incredible feeling