Saturday, September 11, 2010

So, I Canceled My Twitter Account

Here's a nice beachscape. Because posts without pictures are boring, and I wanted to treat you to something tranquil.

But back to the topic at hand. You read the title right. The Tote Trove has sent its last tweet.

Initially, I joined Twitter as a means of marketing my business (like countless Etsy sellers before me). Experimentally, I began releasing my little updates into the world. "I just ate a grilled cheese sandwich!", "I made a Jello key lime pie!", and "York peppermint patties are my favorite candy!" were typical of the types of things I'd write. (Obviously, a love of carb-loaded food features prominently in my life.) I picked up a few followers here and there. Then I heard about that Tweetlist thing, where you follow tons of people at once by selecting your interests (mine were always fashion and art related). My following grew. I'd read each potential follower's profile, always following back as long as the person didn't seem like a pervert or criminal. Sometimes I'd get those canned direct messages saying things like, "Thanks for the follow! Reduce your body fat by 50% in a week with our delicious and nutritious organic spinach shake!" But this was the worst that ever happened.

After a while I got bored with all of this. I eventually set up my Facebook fan page (also established solely for business purposes) so that everything I posted automatically popped up on Twitter. (All of my Facebook posts, by the way, are just links to these blog posts. You can tell I have little patience for the finer points of social networking.) This was ingenious because it meant that I never had to visit my Twitter page at all. And I didn't. At least not until the other night when I deigned to log on to broadcast my latest blog giveaway. And that's when I saw it. A string of obscene tweets from some follower of mine. They weren't meant for me (at least I don't think they were; I'm still sketchy on the exact workings of Twitter). But seeing them on my page was reason enough for a mini freak-out, and I canceled my account immediately. I mean, who knows how many other such messages were poisoning my Twitter feed?!

This experience has nourished the germ of doubt I've been trying to squash regarding social networking. Although it's fun meeting other artists online and important to spread the word about The Tote Trove, I think I should have listened to my instincts regarding Twitter. (Or at least monitored my followers more closely; but who has the time for that?) Then again, I don't think Twitter was doing me any favors marketing-wise. As for Facebook, I'm still on the fence.

Before you even think it, I'm not getting rid of this blog. Although it's a form of social networking, it's not in the same category as Facebook and Twitter. At least not to me. It's a way for me to write. Really write, that is, not just inform the world that a pasta dinner is impending.
Speaking of which, I think it's time for lunch . . .

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Good for you, not all of this stuff works for everyone