Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New Etsy Buys - Pillow Pals

It's long been a dream of mine to collect fruit-shaped pillows.  Well, it's been a dream of mine since a couple of years ago when the bf hauled an antique church pew home and plunked it in our living room.  So, I did what any fruit enthusiast would.  I searched Etsy, narrowed my finds down to my favorites, and purchased two designs from the whimsically-named Art Snack.  When the box arrived yesterday, I tore it open and immediately arranged the vibrant plush watermelon wedge and kiwi slice on either side of my smiley orange pillow-in-residence (Bubbledog), instantly livening up the somewhat dreary dark wood.  (Sorry, bf, but it's true.)  So, what's with that Ugly Doll peeking out from behind the kiwi?  He isn't handmade, but he's been in residence with us for some time too, and we love him just the same.  The bf's the one who so cleverly stuck him there.  I like to give credit where credit's due :)

Speaking of which, Art Snack's pillows are incredibly well made.  To my delight, the watermelon was even bigger than I'd expected, a testament to this endorsement from one happy buyer: "You have the best watermelon pillows on the Internet!"  Heralded by the charming tag line "Come for the snacks, stay for the art!", Art Snack's den of delicious decor is sure to whet your taste for fun!  I'm so infatuated with the stuff that I may need to eat my words and send the bf out for another bench.