Sunday, September 18, 2011

Something New and Sparkly - Ring Around the Rosie

Dress: XOXO
Tee: Kohl's
Shoes: Diba, Burlington Coat Factory
Bag: J. C. Penney's
Necklace: The Tote Trove

There's this part in the book In Her Shoes where the widower living in a retirement community (Shirley MacLaine's love interest in the movie version) reminisces about how much his late wife loved big, colorful costume jewelry.  It's a small detail, but as a fan of the same, I can't help but sometimes think about it.  The personal and quirky trait makes this woman seem endearing, and her husband even more so for loving her for it. 

Naturally, the memory popped into my head as I made this very big, super colorful Sherbet Corsage Necklace to wear with yet another newly-acquired XOXO dress.  I fell in love with the chiffon flower accents in Michaels, becoming even more inspired when I saw the way they set off the candy-colored semi-precious beads I'd purchased at A. C. Moore. 

With the fall air ripening, I'll need to layer on a cardigan when I get around to wearing this outfit, most likely introducing another color into the already hectic mix.        


Jewel Divas said...

Love the shoes. The necklace looks like lollies, or candies, depending on which word you use.

The Tote Trove said...

Thanks! I was wearing them standing in line at the pharmacy recently and a woman said she liked them too but that she couldn't wear shoes like that anymore. Strangers are always telling me stuff like that. I do stop a minute to think about all the bunions, etc, in my future. But the next morning I always put my heels back on again . . .

I love the word lollies! It's British, or in your case, Australilan, right? It's just so much more fun than candies.