Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Something New and Sparkly - Pineapple (Not Pumpkin) Princess

Dress: J. C. Penney's
Shoes: J. C. Penney's
Bag: 9 & Co, Kohl's
Necklace: The Tote Trove

Now that summer has ended, it's occurred to me that I should stop making fruit-themed jewelry and start focusing on fall things like leaves and pumpkins.  After all, Etsy shops and real shops (not that Etsy shops aren't real, but you know what I mean) are bursting with gourds, apples, and other natural-looking knickknacks in sickly drab colors.  But the thing is, I hate pumpkins.  Well, maybe not pumpkins per se, but what they represent: the long, slow slide of our happy, sunny world into the heartless abyss of winter.  So, in an albeit petty and childish rebellion against the passage of time, I'm staunchly refusing to jump on the seasonal bandwagon, instead persevering with my resort-ready and otherwise carefree creations.  Which, come to think of it, is sort of what I said in a post just a few days ago, isn't it?  After a while it all starts running together . . .

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