Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Gulp Fiction: Orange Crush Rush

Hat: Steve Madden, Macy's; Gloves: Calvin Klein, Macy's

Top: Amazon

Boots: UNIONBAY, Kohl's

Skirt: Celebrity Pink, Macy's

Bag: Dolls Kill

Coat: Jou Jou, Macy's

Shorts: Nine West, Kohl's

Traffic Stop Barrette Brooch

Coat: Wild Fable, Target

Shoes: Nine West, Kohl's' Bag: Nine West, Marshalls

Coat: Nine West, Kohl's

Leggings: Derek Heart, Boscov's

Top: Wild Fable, Target

Bag: Worthington, JCPenney

Earmuffs: Betsey Johnson for Trolls, Macy's; Gloves: Thinsulate, JCPenney

I've got a crush on you, orange.
What can I say?
You light up my world
And brighten my day.

Whether a super sweet soda
Or unspoiled fruit,
You say no to scurvy
And yes to Lloyd's suit.

(Er, tux. But you knew that. Because you get me.)

You make Monday morning
Like lunch at Club Med
And blow through the cobwebs
Wintering in my head.

That's why I love you
And squeeze 'til it hurts
And wrap you around me
In tights, shorts, and skirts.

Thanks for your sunshine,
Your bold, tangy bite,
Your blind optimism,
And -- this is the biggie --your fighting the fight.

And so goes my ode to Florida's finest.  Because autumn may be outfitted in apples, but winter's winners come wrapped in rind.  And February is oranges' Oscar season. Do I hear Best Imitation of a Grapefruit for Tatum Temple? Or Craziest Cannonball for Natasha Navel?  Or maybe even Best Appearance of a Citrus in a Soundtrack for Honeybell Helen? I'm looking at you, "Orange Crush."  Which is a song that's anything but escapist once you Google the meaning of its lyrics.  But I guess that makes it an example of taking oranges and making juice -- if by juice you mean the truth serum of social awareness.  Which I do.

So anyway, thanks, oranges.  For all of that and for adding a splash to today's outfits.  Because whether you come in a pair of lace tights or unseasonable shorts or a clutch that borders on carrot, you've got the goods.  

And the vitamin twee.  


Tanza Erlambang said...

Lovely Bag from JCPenney and gloves from Macy's... pretty.

Have a wonderful day

ellie said...

Love your style! Thanks so much for being here!

Caitlin'nMegan said...

Wow, what a fun post! Love the color. Love the poem too! Thanks so much for stopping by my storyblog too. Loved your comment!

Samantha said...

What adorable outfits!!! I love the fuzzy hat in the first photo and ESPECIALLY love your hot pink ear muffs! The gloves are a great touch to the outfit. The pop art top is such a cool print! I really love your light blue coat with those shorts and tights - such a classy-cool combo! The Traffic Stop brooch ties it all in as the decorative statement. Looking great!!! Oh, and your poem about oranges is super awesome. Now I'm craving an Orange Crush!

Victòria | My thoughts on... said...

Can you believe the second picture, the one with the close up from your top, I thought it was an art portrait. haha and then I read the caption and realized it matched your top at the picture above. I was gonna ask for the artist haha. Great pictures :)

Kinga K. said...

You look so lovely ❤

Jewel Divas Style said...

I love a good comic print. I had pants as a teenager, wish I had some now.