Saturday, April 10, 2021

Mad for Plaid, Psyched for Stripes

Sweater: Omg!, JCPenney

Shoes: Nine West, Kohl's

From top: Zulily; Plymouth Plantation gift shop; Mystery beach shops for our trio of beaded daisy friends; Wild Fable, Target 

Bag: Elizabeth and James, Kohl's; Cherry charm: Carole, JCPenney; Grape charm: Charming Charlie

Sweater: Pink Republic, Kohl's

Skirt: Dickie's, Dolls Kill

Bag: Betsey Johnson, Boscov's; Bracelet: Amrita Singh, Zulily; Ring: Miami accessories cart

Skirt: Amazon

Boots: Mix No. 6, DSW

Sweater: Delia's, Dolls Kill

Bag: Olivia Miller, Amazon

Jumper: Derek Heart, Zulily

Geometric Jam Necklace

Bag: Amazon

Ask anyone on the street what she thinks when she hears stripes, and nine times out of ten, she'll answer Beetlejuice, mimes, and/or old-timey prisoners.  But if you said plaid, then he'd answer Scots, schoolgirls, and Christmas.  (It's not lost on me that the "she" changed to a "he" just in time for the schoolgirls.)  So two prints, two worlds, one dark and dangerous and the other straight from Norman Rockwell.  Still, both are undeniably classics.  And here I am in both, in one outfit at the same time. (Yes, that's a lipstick shooting up from the dead plant.  Apparently, makeup brightens more than faces.)  

If that doesn't say here comes trouble, then I don't know what does.      

No, wait.  I do.  It's Beetlejuice wearing a kilt and brandishing a Christmas tree.  

Damn you, Michael Keaton.  You win every time.


ellie said...

LOL! Oh, I so love the yellow plaid skirt! Those daisies are so adorable. Oh, you are so rock'n this post! YOU GO GIRL!

Caitlin'nMegan said...

Amazing looks! I don't know how you wear those heels, but they are so amazing. Such cool items in this post! WOW! Yeap, you are the best kind of trouble!

Ivy's Closet said...

Looking so cool! Love the pink! The yellow! And of course, the plaid!

windowtothebeauty said...

Hehe plant lipstick made me laugh: D These first leopard shoes are wonderful !! 🤎🤎

Tanza Erlambang said...

Lovely stripes of your sweater.... I went to JC Penney to buy shoes...

Have a wonderful day ....

Samantha said...

The lipstick, LOL!!!! The mix of stripes and plaid looks totally cool! The colorful headband with the black and white ensemble is so striking, as are the blue heels with the red, black and white outfit! The rainbow sweater with the emoji bag is the perfect pair. The cherry pie barrette is so cute and the Geometric Jam necklace makes me think of a trendy 1980's mall. ❤️

all types recepies and desert said...

Great post

Jewel Divas Style said...

Mum would love those animal print heels if she was still able to get into them, lol. Whereas I'm a boot gal.