Monday, March 8, 2010

Casual Friday

Here's what I wore to work last Friday. I like to think it proved that sequins and leopard are casual Friday appropriate. At least, no one asked me to change. Or sent me home.

The coat is a bit of a stumper, if I do say so myself. As in, what's with the three quarter sleeves? I mean, it's a coat, right? Part of me wants to stand strong and insist that I was very warm in it, on principle of its "funness". But truth be told, my arms were a bit chilly. As for the puffy factor, the bf (affectionately) said that I looked like a marshmallow Peep. For those of you who are curious, it came from the "she said . . ." line at J. C. Penney's and cost me a banner $13.98, marked down from $69. There was a whole rack of them, in various sizes. I don't think they sold a single one full price. Come to think of it, they may have sold only the one on clearance . . .


spoozyliciouzz said...

Oh my...Tracy, that´s just my opinion, but this one is rather hard to choke. Don´t mean any offense, but black and pink is not working together, at least for me. Sorry :(

The Tote Trove said...

Oh, that's all right. I wouldn't be a blogger (or an out-there dresser, for that matter) if I couldn't take it! :)

Clare said...

Wow, that is certainly not casual! I applaud your colour choices and am a big fan of the leopard :)

Thank you for the heads up on the Marilyn book, will definitely have to check that out.