Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What's in Your Handbag?

I switch my handbag every day, so it's a toss-up on what's in it, especially depending upon the size. Curious about the baggage (ha ha) of other women, I Googled "What's in your handbag?" and found this charming article on, (

What does your Handbag say about you?

New research delves into the secrets of Sydney women’s handbags

From the oversized tote to the cute clutch - women’s handbags are a source of mystery the world over and new research released today by the makers of Panadol® suggests it’s no different on Australian shores.

The personality is in the bag

From always-on-the-go women in the CBD to creative free spirits on the Northern Beaches, the majority of Sydney women believe their handbag and its contents reveals a lot about their personality. What’s more, Sydney women have an intimate connection to their handbag – one third confessed they would feel uncomfortable if someone they knew, including their partner or best friend, looked into their bag.

Everything but the kitchen sink

When it comes to the contents of our handbags, the survey supports what men have thought for years – women carry almost everything but the kitchen sink in their handbag! Basic make-up kits, moisturiser and sunscreen are popular inclusions, however having an emergency pack of pain relievers on hand at all times was by far most the important, with more women making sure they have pain relief in their bag than anything else. Fortunately Panadol® Rapid is now available in a slim and chic, easy-to-carry pack. New Panadol® Rapid Handipak is stylish and convenient and a must-have addition to every girl’s handbag
[If I could just interject here. I'm in no way endorsing Panadol, whatever that is. I just thought this was a fun article, despite its advertorial slant :) ]

Handbags galore

The national survey shows Sydney is full of handbag lovers; the average female owns more than nine handbags. It seems money is no obstacle when it comes to the ‘perfect’ handbag; the average 16-34 year old is prepared to spend more than $300 to make the ideal handbag their own.

Kathryn Eisman, handbag analyst and the author of the best-selling "How to tell a woman by her handbag" says, "From the results it’s clear our handbags and their contents say much more about our personality than we might think. While you can’t judge a book by its cover, I’d suggest taking a closer look at your friends, family and colleagues handbags - one quick quiz might help you unlock and understand the secrets of their personality."

So, what does your handbag say about you? According to Kathryn Eisman, there are four main handbag personalities -


Naturally sensitive and down-to-earth, their caring nature means their bag is full of items that are useful to others including band aids, hair accessories, gum and perfume. They are day-dreamers so it’s likely they’ll carry sentimental trinkets or photos of family and friends in their bag so they can escape whenever they have a spare moment. If they’re not reminiscing, they’ll be enjoying a good read – they always have a book or gossip mag on hand in their bag. But don’t be fooled by their sometimes shy exterior. These women are often just waiting for the perfect opportunity to unleash their wild side.


An imaginative free spirit, hoarders have a creative nature and often try to rebel against conformity. Their bag is organised chaos and is like a bottomless pit. Everything from unpaid bills to food wrappers and change is mixed up and swimming inside. To the owner, their bag is packed full, yet functional, however to the outsider this bag is chock-a-block. As her life is constantly evolving, she likes to swap her bag regularly to reflect her mood and match her outfit. She likes bright coloured handbags including hot pink and aqua, which reveals she is fun and approachable.


Typically a reliable and detail-focused person, their bag is extremely organised, with a place and purpose for everything. They are very efficient and like to be prepared for anything, carrying sensible items including hair accessories, tissues, toothbrush, hand wipes and even a phone charger. Although they are always on the go, they like the world around them to be structured, and therefore would rarely swap bags - their one favourite bag serves all purposes. They tend to choose neutral coloured, classic cut handbags which will never go out of style.


Logical and rational, these women hate clutter so like to keep their bag streamlined and neat. They are likely to carry a small bag which fits snugly underneath their shoulder, indicating class and sophistication. While they are always on the go, they only ever carry the necessities - usually just their wallet, sunglasses and an electronic organiser. She has mastered a system of organisation, which means she’ll never be stuck digging through receipts, food wrappers and bills to find her mobile phone!

After reading all four descriptions, I decided that I'm a cross between the "Expressive" and "Creative" personality types. I'm basing this on the picture above (there was actually a bunch of trash in my handbag also, but I chose not to photograph it), but you may have your own ideas. Speaking of which, what's in your purse? Which of these purse-onalities best suits you? Ok, I know that was lame, but I couldn't stop myself :)

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One of my girlfreinds just bought me Kathryn's Book- How to tell a woman by her handbag as a "thanks for being a freind" gift...and I just adore it!

It made me laugh and is so true!! I'm going to pay it forward and give some to my besties! I found it on sale at: