Saturday, April 21, 2012

Etsy Favorites - Yowza, it's Yellow!

Earlier this week I dropped a blue ballpoint pen on a much-loved yellow blouse that I was wearing for only the second time.  Needless to say, the ink didn't come out (although not for lack of trying), and I was peeved.  The blouse had been the only one in my size at Kohl's when I bought it, so I went online in search of another and was dismayed to discover that it was sold out there too!  There was nothing for it but to email the good people at Kohl's in the hope that they perhaps had said garment stowed away in some musty storeroom.  The reply was negative, though, so it was back to the brick and mortar Kohl's I went.  They must have restocked, because the old familiar rack was brimming with three of my elusive quarry!  I couldn't control my smile as I snatched one up and marched to the register, all the while thinking about how dramatically yellow can transform a wardrobe.  Thus inspired, I decided to devote today's Etsy Favorites post to similarly sunny specimens.  The bright bunch pictured here represents my favorites, the hues of which fall somewhere between citrus and butter in a sizzling style scampi.  Stomach (and closet) growling?  Then put the pasta pot on boil and scour this shop smorgasbord!                           


Merideth said...

Thanks for the love! What a nice surprise!
Awesome yellow finds! Just loving this bright colour for spring :)

Jewel Divas Style said...

I'm really liking yellow this year.