Thursday, April 12, 2012

Getting Through Thursday with Another Shoe Montage - The Kick-off

From top left counterclockwise - Multicolor print: Alloy; Hot pink patent/cork: Guess, Marshalls; Yellow peep toe: Alloy; Blue/lime colorblock: Simply Vera, Kohl's; Black/magenta/burnt orange colorblock: Guess, DSW; Raspberry peep toe: Alloy; Yellow sandals: Fredericks of Hollywood; Magenta/orange/lime colorblock: Guess, DSW

I haven't posted a shoe montage since winter, so it was high time I did one again.  What's more, my research has shown that my shoe posts are among my most popular, so I'm going to run with them (albeit in slippers, not heels. :)  Each Thursday I'll post about shoes - either my own or someone else's (hey, even I can't buy shoes every week!)  - until I run out of steam and move on to some other retail guilty pleasure.

Anyhoo, since February I've amassed a new, more colorful crop of kicks.  Three of the pairs capitalize on the colorblocking trend, which I love.  Also, every shoe pictured has an of-the-moment platform (so essential for balancing those skyscraper heels) except for the yellow sandals. As Fredericks of Hollywood is more in the business of bras than shoes, I think we can let that slide.  The overall color scheme makes me think of fire tempered by ice, as most of the hues are hot save for a sprinkling of lime and blue.  If the two Alloy pairs look familiar, then it's because I have that style in burnt orange also (see their fiery splendor below).  A word about this shoe.  It's cut a little big in the back, so much so that there's a bit of a gap.  The severe arch and 5.5" heel propel the foot dramatically forward, though, so the toes are right where they should be.  Which means that they fit.  Even if the bf says that they make me look like a kid wearing her mother's shoes.

As I was making room in my shoe collection for these new arrivals, I decided to retire a couple of pairs.  I thought that they looked kind of stodgy and careworn, especially next to the new catwalkers.  Still, I photographed them to give them a proper sendoff (as you do in such situations).  But this fetching yellow scarf of a backdrop seemed to rejuvenate them, and I fell in love all over again.  I think I'll hang onto them a little while longer.
 Nine West, Burlington Coat Factory

Candie's, Kohl's

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Jewel Divas Style said...

But the ones you're retiring still look in good condition.