Sunday, April 8, 2012

Put on Your Easter Bonnet

You know.  With all the frills upon it.  And you will be the hit of the Easter parade.  Or something like that.  (Hopefully Irving Berlin excuses my possibly mangled use of his time-honored lyrics.)  I've always liked a good Easter bonnet.  I wore one as a child (but then, didn't we all?), complete with a series of matching dresses, and recall steadfastly refusing to change into "play clothes" along with everyone else before the big ham dinner.  I wanted to stay decked out as long as possible (discomfort be darned!), setting the stage for the clotheshorse ways that would go on to define the rest of my life.  Speaking of which, I'm pretty decked out now (even in these last waning hours of Easter) but lack the resources to load the photographic evidence to prove it at my present remote location.  Perhaps tomorrow, in conjunction with my latest fabulous felt barrette installment.

Whatever your style, I hope you had a lovely holiday (complete with lots of good eats!).


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