Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Something New and Sparkly - Nostalgic in More Ways Than One

Top: Wet Seal
Skirt: Boscov's
Shoes: MetroStyle
Bag: 9 & Co., Kohl's
Scarf: A. C. Moore
Barrette: The Tote Trove

This retro navy and white polka dot cap sleeve top is a favorite of mine.  Partly because it has a kind of 1940s/1950s charm, partly because I was wearing it the day I met the bf.  That was nearly five years ago, on the Fourth of July (I considered cracking a joke about fireworks but thought better of it), and I had accessorized it with not red, but orange pieces.  The handbag pictured here was among them, along with a plastic necklace, a polka dot ribbon-covered bangle, and a pair of openwork heels.  The ribbon on the bangle has long since unraveled, but I still have the necklace and shoes.  The shoes are a little worse for wear, but I can't bring myself to toss them (for both sentimental and sartorial reasons :)

With all this reminiscing, I nearly forgot to mention my Fabulous Felt Banana, Avocado, and Cherries Barrette.  Or maybe I should say barrette/brooch, as I've clipped it, and every other barrette I've made so far, to my shirt in the outfit shot.  Anyway, I've always loved the combination of fruit and polka dots.  I guess that's because they have that vintagey allure I first mentioned, their sweetness ripened by the promise of picnics and ice cream and summer.  I don't know about you, but I think I feel a banana split coming on!           

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