Monday, January 11, 2010

Make and Tell Challenge, Day 131 - Something Sweet

So, I've been MIA, Challenge-wise, this past week. In that time I finally finished those seven decoupaged bracelets, which sort of counts. I posted the first three on my Etsy and ArtFire shops today. I really love how they turned out, especially strung with my new Tote Trove logo tags. That's right, I got myself a promotional package featuring a design created from my very own treasure trove painting. I've got hang tags, business cards, thank you cards, stickers (for my shopping bags), an Etsy banner, a Twitter template, and (insert drum roll here) a blog template! Obviously, this last one isn't up and running yet. But it should be ready soon. I can't wait -- then I can finally get rid of this admittedly unpolished setup. The tags have been keeping me busy. Little by little, I've been replacing my old generic white hang tags with these new ones on each of my items. Then I photograph the tag on each item to include with the coordinating shop listing for an extra shot of professionalism. It seems like a small, possibly unnecessary, thing. But it isn't. Whenever I order something handmade and it comes with a company tag, my impressed meter shoots up about ten notches.

So, today. I started painting again. And it felt good. Oddly enough, I think painting may be less tedious than decoupaging. Sure, it's time-consuming. But I always know what I'm getting, and I feel that I can control paint better than I can control glue. Anyway, I finally painted the first coat of this Cupcake Crush tote, which I drew some months ago. The bf thinks this one is funny and that I should call it the Oh No! tote on account of the boy cupcake's look of distress. (Just in case it isn't clear, the pink lovestruck "girl" cupcake is chasing the blue "boy" cupcake, who is sort of afraid of her. Just my way of sneaking in a little humor:)

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