Saturday, January 30, 2010

Make and Tell Challenge, Day 151

Today I was unusually productive. For once, I tried to adhere to my frighteningly detailed weekend to-do list, which was, as usual, crammed with Tote Trove-related items. At the top was working on my I See You Jungle painting. I finished the first coat and began the second and am optimistic about finishing it tomorrow despite the fact that I'm attending a bridal shower. I'm going to outline only the eyes on this one. To make them stand out even more, I'll tip the eyelashes with silver and add some funky pastel eyeshadow to the eyelids. I hope the results live up to my imagination.
Next I drew these four tiny totes, in preparation for craft fair season, which will be here before I know it. (One of my to-do's was completing my application for the Millville Arts, Music, and Antiques Festival. It's not until next September, but they're offering a free ad in their program book for early birds, so I figured why not.) I know they're hard to see, but the pink and yellow totes feature cupcakes and hearts, whereas the two natural ones have a Tote Trove rose and checkerboard hearts and stars pattern, respectively. I'm growing quite fond of the hearts and stars motif; this will be its fourth incarnation. Of course, they're all a little bit different, because no two Tote Trove creations can be exactly the same. As for the large tote, it's a little something I like to call the Outrageous Owl. It's actually for Katie of It's got a bunch of crazy things on it, including but not limited to a slice of pizza, a lipstick, an apple, and, of course, an owl.

Finally, I resolved to move all my paints out of the living room today so the bf could finally put together our TV stand and restore the coffee table to its rightful position. Sadly, this means I'll no longer be able to paint in front of the TV (unless we hook one up in the spare room). This will most likely mean less TV and movie reviews on my end. But I feel good that we've got the house back to rights (sort of). It's important for me to live in a (somewhat) orderly house like a normal grown-up. And the light in the spare room-slash-studio is much better for painting.

I hope you're all having a delightful weekend as well. If you're reading, watching movies, and/or online shopping, then I'm blisteringly jealous.


Zanah said...

You are so creative & I love reading your posts!! :) Mon Mode Blog

The Tote Trove said...

Aw, thanks!