Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thank You for Being a Friend

Ode to the Golden Girls, Elloh,
The bf hung this over the TV for me this morning. So I can look at the picture and the show. Not really. Over the TV was really just the best place for it. The double Golden Girls viewing was a bonus.

Ode to the Golden Girls magnets, Elloh,
Check out the cheesecake. Kind of perfect for the fridge, huh?

Ode to the Golden Girls note cards, Elloh,
What better way to say "thank you for being a friend" to my friends?

I just posted about the Etsy stuff I bought for other people this Christmas. So you may be wondering if anyone bought me anything from Etsy (my favorites box is, as always, brimming.) The answer is . . . yes! My sister gave me three of the best gifts I've ever received: a "Golden Girls" print, magnets, and note cards, all from Elloh,! If you've been following this blog, then you know about my love for this silly little show. I watch the reruns more often than I probably should (they used to be on Lifetime but can now be seen on We, apparently any hour of any day, at least as far as my timing's indicated). I think it's the brilliant, laugh-out-loud writing that brings me back. That and the fact that I heart the elderly.

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