Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ugly Betty, Shoes, and Other Seriously Frivolous Things

For your viewing pleasure, another shoe montage. Some are old, others I bought not too long ago.

So, I was watching "Ugly Betty" last Wednesday night (can you believe that 10:00 time slot?!). It was a pretty dramatic episode. But the part that I'm going to talk about was kind of trivial. Wilhelmina (a.k.a Willy - how funny is that?) assigns Betty a story on the most comfortable stilettos. As usual, Betty is perturbed to be saddled with a fluff piece and pitches an "in her shoes" story idea about inspiring women and their footwear (think Habitat for Humanity builders wearing work boots). Willy rejects it and takes a jab at Betty by asking her to walk a mile in her stilettos, which she does, only to end up on crutches. So, why am I recapping this? Because I can't tell you how many TV shows and movies I've seen where the heroine is a magazine writer whining about how much she wants to write about something more important than shoes. I would kill to get paid to write about shoes! And I'm not even going to apologize for being shallow, because I don't think I am. Fashion is an art form. It's about experimentation and self expression and making otherwise dull days special. Ok, glad I got that out. Now, in all fairness, I've never worked at a fashion magazine. So for all I know they would destroy my quirky little shoe stories with their generic corporate stamp (remember when Carrie became a contributor for Vogue on "Sex and the City"? Sort of like that.) But that's a weightier issue for another post. Right now I'm just saying that writing about shoes or bags or jewelry for a living would be awesome. As for Betty, I didn't mean to attack her character. I think she's delightful. And I understand her struggle to raise an honest voice in a shallow world. I just think she should give shoes a chance :)

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