Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Make and Tell Challenge, Day 134 - Wine with a Kick

I had a few blank wine bags left over from last fall's Renault Winery show and decided to paint them up Tote Trove style. This meant lots of funk and color, a real departure from the subdued and countrified designs I offered at the show. If there's one thing I learned since starting The Tote Trove about a year ago, it's to go with my gut and paint what feels right. Things turn out better that way.

Here we've got some classic fierce flower Tote Trove roses (you know there's leopard lurking in coat number two) and some colorful koi. This is what I did, by the way, instead of grocery shopping. Neither the bf nor I felt like going, so we just shrugged and made some pasta with butter. Tomorrow doesn't look too promising either. We've already decided on pizza.

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