Thursday, January 21, 2010

Make and Tell Challenge, Day 142

I finished the first coat of my painting tonight, then started the first coat of another. I'm really excited about this first one; I know that a second coat and black outlining will banish the streakiness and intensify the colors and graphicy feel, taking it to the next level. It's funny; I thought my paintings would be just another version of my totes. Yet while the subject matter has remained similar so far, I've noticed that this painting is more detailed than my totes. With the ideas I have floating around, I think that's a trend that will continue. Then again, this rose is very simple. I was going to paint it red with a rainbow background, but it turned out much bigger than I intended, so all that red would have been overkill. So I thought, why not paint the rose like a rainbow, then do the background white with black leopard? I hope to finish these up this weekend, but it may not be possible because I'll need to switch gears to complete a possible special order tote. We'll see.

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