Monday, January 18, 2010

Make and Tell Challenge, Day 139 - Another Tote Completed

Having off today was a real eye-opener. I was able to finish this Scarlet Fierce Flowers Tote and retag and photograph about a dozen items and upload the new pictures to my Etsy and Artfire shops, all while watching the rest of season two of Flight of the Conchords. My favorite episode was the one where Bret forms a gang and he and Jemaine sing that song about hurt feelings. It was kookily hilarious.

Yesterday my mom and I saw It's Complicated. It was one of the best movies that both of us have seen in a long time, probably because it had that mix of funny and poignant. Also, it avoided being a big cliche although it would have been easy to go there. As for Alec Baldwin, he was disturbing, as always. When did he morph from "a Baldwin" into a crazy old man?! I mean, I know he's been that way for awhile now (hey, I watch "30 Rock") but pinpointing the time of the transformation eludes me. But John Krasinski's part was a nice bonus (I heart "The Office." And nerds.)

In the middle of typing this I accidentally pushed some combination of buttons that resulted in a font change. Even after scrolling through the font list, I have no idea which one I was using before. So I apologize for the inconsistency. The crazy thing is, now I see the actual italics where appropiate instead of code. Same with the pictures. Did I just prompt an upgrade?

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