Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Hooray for Cherries in the Snow

As I've mentioned before (and as evidenced in my Photo Shoot Friday posts), I wear Revlon superlustrous creme Cherries in the Snow lipstick every day. So, one day I decided to Google it to find out if it had any other fans. Happily, I discovered that it did. Enter the blog Lollipop 26: Beauty Views and Random News, British author Laura dubs her corner of blogland as "just another place for me to obsess about cosmetics, beauty and all things shallow." Although a self-professed red lipstick-a-phobe, Laura fell in love with Cherries in the Snow after seeing a designer use it in a video and has been hooked ever since. I love her fun, conversational writing style and am sure you will too :)

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