Monday, July 5, 2010

A Trip to Smileville

I've been trying to walk more lately. Mostly because I loathe exercise and know I should engage in some sort of physical activity, but partly to take more advantage of beautiful Brigantine. Anyway, I always pass this really interesting little house on my route. Last weekend the bf and I were both walking by and noticed a sign that read, "Studio Tour in Rear." I should have known another artist lived there! I was nervous about going in, but the bf reminded me, "hey, there's a sign." So we went. And our hostess turned out to be Popo Flanigan, a local artist and fellow local art and craft fair participant! The bf had been struck by her gorgeous, color-drenched paintings at the Brigantine PTA craft show. Ms. Flanigan told me that she was signed up for the July 17 Ocean City Indoor & Outdoor Extravaganza, as was I, and even invited me to join her plein-air painting group. (Sadly, I had to decline, as I work during the week.)

Ms. Flanigan's entire home was decorated with her countless paintings, the colors even more wild and vivid against the stark white of her decor. The effect was utterly charming. Curiosity piqued? Then check out Popo's work on her Web site: It's sure to give you something to smile about!

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