Friday, July 16, 2010

More Tiny Totes for Tiny Hands

Tiny Pink Proud Peacock Tote

Tiny Up Up and Away Tote

Tiny Mr. Turtle Tote

Tiny totes, coupled with little girls' stretchy bracelets, remain my top craft show sellers. So, I decided to start replacing the amount I sell at each show before the next show. This was a great idea in theory. However, I sort of forgot to factor in going to work. And eating. And sleeping. As a result, I've painted just three new tiny totes for tomorrow's Ocean City Indoor & Outdoor Summer Extravaganza to replace the eight I sold last weekend at the Haddonfield Fine Arts & Crafts Festival. As for the bracelets, I didn't even get to them. But I think that's okay. One of the things I'm learning from this endeavor is to manage my expectations and recognize my limits. Tomorrow's forecast is hot and sunny, which is good news.

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