Saturday, March 17, 2012

Color Cannonballs into Summer

That's the kind of article headline I've been seeing lately.  It seems like a non-statement to me, because color is always big for spring and summer.  But I'm so beguiled by brights that I'm happy to jump on the parade float-worthy bandwagon:  Whether you shop sherbets or hunt for hotter hues, culling color for your warm weather wardrobe has never been easier.  High-end and mainstream stores alike are chock-full of candy-colored skinny jeans, plastic jewelry, scarves, bags, and countless other extras to feed your fashion frenzy.

So, what's with the ads?  I haven't traded journalistic integrity for free clothes. (Although if you're out there, Kohl's, Forever 21, and yes, even you, Betsey Johnson and Miu Miu, I only ever say good things about the merchandise I post, so feel free to toss me a trinket if you feel so inclined.)  I just liked the color, the splashiness, and the glamour of these virtual glossies and thought you might too.     

I can't conclude this post without revealing the price of the picnic-perfect Miu Miu slingbacks: $595 a pair!  For the same price you could get 11 pairs of $50 shoes plus 1 pair of $45 shoes.  Talk about staggering stilettos!

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