Saturday, March 31, 2012

Now, That's Novel!

From the first moment I saw this novelty "Wheel of Fortune" clock (excuse me, "Time is Money Game Show" clock) on Fred Flare, it was only a matter of time before I made it my own.  And really, how could I resist?  Anything described as "novelty" has that unmistakably magnetic pop culture pull.  You need only to spy a cartoon character-plastered ice cream truck or flip through an Oriental Trading catalog to be tempted by an onslaught of colorful novelty offerings.  The same can be said for Fred Flare itself.  I'd originally envisioned their campy clock in my kitchen, but when the bf hung it on the living room wall above the very desk at which I sit, I knew it had found its home.

Despite my infatuation with this trendy timepiece, I don't much care for "Wheel of Fortune."  I caught a bit of it the other night because it follows "Jeopardy" (of which the bf is a fan), and I couldn't help but feel that it was a lackluster chaser to "Jeopardy's" stimulating if sometimes-snarky fare.  (Which is saying something considering how much I love color and the quantity of it unleashed on the "Wheel.")  I'm referring, of course, to those quirky, sound bite-style contestant interviews and to Alex Trebek's know-it-all post-question ad libs.  Still, I don't see "Jeopardy" churning out any novelty paraphernalia.  Which means they lose the cool stuff round :)      

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