Saturday, March 24, 2012

Etsy Favorites - Calling All Shoe Divas


In an ever-changing world, one thing remains certain: women like shoes.  Whether they be heels, flats, wedges, sandals, or even sneakers, we can't seem to cram enough of them into our closets.  Today's Etsy Favorites collection elevates such shoe love to new heights, showcasing kicks for the home and body as well as the feet.  Because what could be better than relaxing against a shoe-decorated pillow, sipping from a high heel-adorned glass, and writing to a friend on a stiletto-styled notecard, all while rocking footwear-festooned jewelry and a pair of one-of-a-kind pumps?  Precious little, my friend, precious little.  So if your soul belongs to style, then clear some room in that closet and hotfoot it on over to these shoe-tastic shops.


SparkleFarkle said...

Two seconds into reading your blog entry, the Pistol Annies singing "Hell on Heels" (<--cLiCKY-cLiCky) began playing in my head! This has been a fun look-see --and I think I just gotta have that dangly Barbie sho bracelet!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Awesome Blog!!! Thank you so much for featuring my strawberries!! Its so cool to be included along with such chic and edgy shoe goodies! :D

Jewel Divas said...

The ornaments are cute and I love the black heels with the cupcakes painted on.