Sunday, December 13, 2009

Make and Tell Challenge, Day 103 - Puttin' on the Glitz

Remember those pins I started making from a promotional Atlantic City Chiclets box a while back? They'd been staring up at me from my coffee table in their unfinished state for weeks, begging to be glitterized. So I obliged. First came the coat of glitter glue over the water (I'd already used Mod Podge on the cardboard), then I Gem-Taced a trio of rhinestones on each pin for extra glam and kitsch. They ended up looking like the kind of Atlantic City souvenirs you might find in your grandmother's keepsake box or scrapbook. Which was just fine with me.

After finishing these, I made another (mystery!) gift, then took a break from creating. The middle and greater part of my day was spent with my parents. The bf and I and my sister and her bf accompanied them to the Eagle Theater, a chocolate box of a place that's been recently restored in downtown Hammonton. We saw a Christmas play entitled "Santa and the Psychiatrist," and it was fun. Certainly a departure from the movie we talked about seeing. After the show, the cast gave out a little basket of handmade cookies and candy to the person who answered their trivia question correctly. The bf ended up winning (let's just say he knows his G. I. Joe). I also won something (not because I answered anything correctly, though; probably just because they were being nice) - a pocket calculator, perfect for my math-challenged brain. We went out to lunch, then headed back to my parents' house for some Cinnabons. My mom had all five of her trees up, as well as her ever-growing army of nutcrackers. My dad buys her one every year; this year's addition was a mouse perched atop a wedge of cheese.

The bf and I returned home pretty tired. Nevertheless, I still had a few projects left in me. I always have a few projects left it me; whether or not they come out depends on how far I want to push myself. Tonight I decided to decorate some of my plainer bangles with stick-on rhinestones. Now, when I say plainer I mean that the bangles weren't already decked out with beads and jewels. But they were vibrant in their own right, drenched in shades of lime, raspberry, and royal blue. I wondered whether I should reinforce the jewels with Gem-Tac, but it didn't seem necessary (I banged one of the bangles against the coffee table as a test of the rhinestones' adhesiveness - they passed.). I'll wear them this week, perhaps tomorrow. Then I'll really know if I need the glue. Issues of durability aside, I think they're stunning. Catching even a glimpse of anything colorful and/or sparkly sets my imagination on fire. I want to make a mountain of these bangles! I have no idea if anyone else would want to buy them. But I'm not too concerned about that, although as someone trying to sell this stuff I probably should be.

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