Monday, December 28, 2009

We Bid Adieu . . . To My Shoes

It's always a sad thing when I have to toss a pair of shoes. I had an especially hard time getting rid of this pair. The basic black made them my go-to pumps that went with everything, but the white piping and bows made them more special than the usual dependable pair. I got tons of compliments on them, even in the supermarket, and they were high enough to wear with my skinny jeans. But a few weeks ago I took them off after work -- it was a Friday -- only to discover that the heels were so worn that the metal was showing through. I've never worn out a pair of shoes so badly. I wore them for more than a year and paid only $16.99 for them at Marshalls, so I suppose that it was time. Still, it was with regret that I retired them to the garbage.

Of course, there was an upside. Without my black pumps I was in need of a new pair. So the search began. I didn't want something too plain, and I didn't want to spend too much money. So, I hunted in Marshalls and J. C. Penney's. But it wasn't until my trip to Kohl's today that I found them: black Candie's faux snakeskin round-toed pumps encrusted with studs and beads at the toe. Tough but glam, they would serve as a stunning wardrobe staple, punching up work outfits and adding edge to street wear. They were on sale for $33 - not a steal exactly, but not bad for shoes I actually needed.

I look forward to breaking them in.

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