Sunday, December 27, 2009

Nothing Says Merry Christmas Like An Ugly Sweater (er, Tee Shirt)

My sister and her bf hosted an ugly Christmas sweater party last weekend, but we couldn't go due to the snow. So, the bf decided to wear his ugly sweater, or rather ugly tee shirt, to my parents' house for Christmas dinner instead. Every time I looked at him that day I laughed; I mean, it's a faux sweater vest! The "stitching" is what makes it.

I too bought an ugly sweater tee shirt. But is was a men's XL! (That was all Target had left by the time I got around to it.) It was a baby blue faux cardigan emblazoned with snowmen over a dress shirt and tie. Although I was prepared to wear it to the party (belted, over leggings), I didn't want to wear it Christmas day. We gave it to the bf's dad as a joke.

P. S. If you look closely, then you'll see that I'm wearing one of my Christmas eraser necklaces :)

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