Sunday, December 20, 2009

Make and Tell Challenge, Day 110 - What I've Been Up To

Christmas is a hectic time. So hectic, in fact, that I didn't even put up my decorations this year. But I don't mind; in a way, it's strangely freeing not to have to worry about all of that. Anyway, I've been busily making gifts this weekend, and the good news is I can show you because none of the recipients read this blog.

First we have this fierce flowers tote, mimicking the style of those that I have on sale in my Etsy shop. It's for my mom, who told me she wanted one of my bigger bags with the flowers and leopard.

Next we have two extra long pendant necklaces for my grandmother. I made this red and black number by buying four strands of these linked red beds, linking them together, and attaching the toggle clasp and black medallion pendant with wire, which I wrapped. It was fairly easy, and I think the effect is more professional than most of the necklaces I've made so far. So, I may make some to sell. The only thing is, the materials are kind of expensive, so I'd have to charge about $30 per necklace. It occurred to me that I've avoided using pricier materials in my necklaces to keep prices low. But there are probably people out there who would be willing to pay more, especially for something a little more mainstream than my usual candy-colored kitschy pieces. We'll see. I'm also pleased with how this black and gold necklace turned out. It's triple-stranded and was made with black plastic faceted beads, gold glass bugle beads, and this gold metal paisley-looking pendant. It's glitzy yet classic.

Finally, I'm still working on this large music notes tote for the bf's mom. She plays the piano at her church, so he said she would like something music-themed. I like it too and can't help but wonder why I haven't made something like this before.

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