Thursday, December 3, 2009

Make and Tell Challenge, Day 93 - My Jewelry Wardrobe Grows

Tonight I tackled two pieces of jewelry, both for myself. First I made this long pendant necklace by using linked beads instead of stringing beads on wire - something I've never tried before. Not only was it super easy, but I like the linked look, especially in these antiquey beads. The cool green shell pendant makes a nice contrast. Next I continued on my stretch bracelet kick, this time with faux pearls and old-fashioned looking framed flower charms. It's sweet, but yesterday's circus friends creation still holds first place in my heart.

Now for some randomness. Today on my lunch break I was behind a Pontiac plastered with Good Humor stickers. There was even some kind of sign about children on board -- or maybe it was watch for children. Anyway, I was thinking, what the heck?! Is this four-door family sedan a wannabe ice cream truck? In December? All in all, kinda creepy.

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