Sunday, December 6, 2009

Make and Tell Challenge, Day 96

Today I slept in, then settled in front of this week's episode of "Ugly Betty" on demand and made this Bright Birdcage Necklace. I was intrigued by the birdcage charm (check out the cute little bird inside!) and wanted to incorporate it into something colorful. These glass beads were perfect, and the sunny yellow ribbon was a nice finishing touch. This is also only the second necklace in which I used a toggle clasp. I dig its antiquey charm. Although I intended to keep this one for my very own, I sucked it up and posted it, along with some other favorites, in my Etsy shop. I've heard lots of artists and crafters say that one of the hardest parts of doing what they do is letting go of what they've made, and I agree. As for "Ugly Betty," it's getting really good. This week it was set in the Bahamas, so there was even more color-drenched fashion and intrigue than usual. It ended up with each character spending the night with someone unexpected, stirring up more drama for episodes to come. I kind of think this might be the last season and that Betty and Daniel are slowly making their way toward each other. That would be cool. But I also don't want the show to be cancelled. :(

Once the the necklace was done, I wrapped a bunch of Christmas gifts, some in fancy paper from Marshalls, some in medium-grade paper from Lowe's left over from last year, and some in some super cheap (but still fun) paper from
A. C. Moore. Then I took off for A. C. Moore itself to purchase a few jewelry findings for a project I'm working on for someone. Next it was back to work. I painted this graphicy Guitar Tote for fellow Make and Teller Cassandra of Design by Cassandra ( I like the way the silver outline design pops on the black background, almost like a tattoo.

There may be more projects in store for me before the night ends (I will, after all, be watching TV). But the truth is, I don't do my best blogging late at night and am trying to write a little earlier.

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