Sunday, December 27, 2009

Make and Tell Challenge, Day 117 - Another Gift Tote, Bold Bracelets, and a Few Flicks

Today I finally got around to beginning the bf's sister's tote. She's a nurse, and the bf thought it would be good to run with that. Next I finished decoupaging yesterday's bangle, then started another. I went over the first bangle with an overall coat of Mod Podge (that's in addition to the layer I applied to each candy wrapper) but still think the whole thing can stand another type of sealer. Maybe Elmer's glue. While working I watched bits of National Lampoon's Vegas Vacation and The Ex. Vegas is always a little unsettling - yet still strangely entertaining. As for The Ex, I wish I could have seen it in its entirety, because it seemed interesting. Jason Bateman always plays such a weirdo. Speaking of which, the bf and I went to see Up in the Air tonight. I was a little disappointed. Not because it was bad, exactly, but maybe because there was so much hype. It wasn't the absence of plot that bothered me - I like indie flicks and novels that center on character -there just seemed to be something missing. There was a character that reminded me of myself, though. It was George Clooney's character's trainee, this young, uptight, overachieving girl who seems cold but is really this emotional mess of a person always trying to get everything right. I hated that she reminded me of me, but on the way out the bf mentioned it before I did, so it must be true. So much for my illusions of being a free-wheeling artist.

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