Monday, October 11, 2010

At the Movies: (Froth and Fun Abound) in You Again

Today my mom and I celebrated Columbus Day by shopping (I finally bought my "serviceable" J. C. Penney's flats - just $13!) and going to the movies to see You Again. Mom and I share a guilty pleasure for chick flicks of all kinds, which is nice because no one else I know really likes them. Sure, You Again was silly and predictable. (For those of you not in the know, it's about a successful twentysomething PR exec [played by Kristen Bell] who finds out her brother is marrying the "popular" girl who tortured her in high school.) But we knew that going in. We came for the slapstick, the drama, and the outfits. (But then, it's almost always about the outfits.) Oh, and for the Betty White. (She plays Bell's character's grandmother and is as charmingly spunky as ever.)

The popular girl vs. the nerdy girl storyline is always interesting, regardless of how cliched it is. But then, like all cliches it got that way because it's true. That's why people keep making movies about it. Whatever their high school experience, people can relate. Because underneath all the labels, gosh darn it, we're all the same.

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