Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Second of My Posts Without Pictures

Tonight I had the good fortune to be packaging orders, as I sold my Carnival Critter Necklace (go crazy corsages!), Retro TV Necklace, and Orange Arts and Crafts Necklace this week. There's nothing like being able to spend time making someone's purchase pretty. I wrapped each item (including the surprise free gifts) in rainbow-colored tissue paper I just bought, then bundled everything with tulle. But I think my favorite part is still writing the thank you cards and illustrating the package envelopes. I can't help but think how excited I am when I order something from Etsy and it arrives all done up with pretty wrappings and hand-written messages. I want to make sure that my customers feel that way too, that they smile when they see the necklace/tote/barrette they've been waiting for all decked out in their mailbox.

I also spent some time photographing myself wearing a bunch of my older necklaces. The pictures are for my Etsy shop site. (I think it's important to provide at least one photograph in which I'm wearing the item. Even though I used to scoff at such advice when I read it in other blog posts and articles.) Although I still hate taking pictures of my jewelry, I think I'm getting better at it.

I discovered a hard-to-work clasp on one necklace and repurposed it by tying red and white polka dot ribbon around each end, to be secured as a bow in the front, off-center. I sealed the knots of the ribbon with some fabric glue and will probably give it a test spin by wearing it some time next week. I hope it holds up, because the ribbon makes it look much more interesting than it did before the clasp mishap.

In other news, my mom made baked apples after she came home from her chorus rehearsal. She is a fan of dessert, which is, I suppose, why I'm a fan of dessert. She also made a healthy and tasty dinner of chicken salad sandwiches on snowflake rolls, chicken soup, and a zucchini casserole. I've always marveled at her ability to prepare food that's yummy but doesn't feel as if it's clogging your arteries. It's a talent I've yet to master myself, but I hold out hope.

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