Saturday, October 16, 2010

Something New and Sparkly - Rainbow Ribbons Necklace

Rainbow Ribbons Necklace, The Tote Trove,

Not too long ago, I noticed these rustic-looking silk cords in A. C. Moore. I think they're meant for stringing beads, but for some reason I was instantly inspired to use them as adornments for a chain necklace. Then I saw a display of quirky charms in Michaels and was a complete goner. I had to have all these fun new pieces to morph into an exciting new necklace. It was so bad that I even had an outfit picked out to wear with it! (I have a feeling that one will be a part of next week's Photo Shoot Friday.) It took me longer than usual to amass the trinkets, as I decided to make multiple trips to the craft stores to use my many coupons. But I eventually got everything I needed, and this Rainbow Ribbons Necklace was the result. So, did it turn out as I pictured it? Mostly. Although, the necklace in my mind had more widely spaced charms and ribbons going all the way around instead of concentrated in a chunky group in the center. But that's the nice thing about creating; you never know just what you'll get.

I made this necklace for me but just posted it in the Made to Order section of my Etsy shop, That way, if you like it, then I'll happily make you one too :)


Cassandra Watsham said...

This necklace made me smile!

The Tote Trove said...

Thanks! I actually wore it to work today, which made me smile :)