Saturday, October 15, 2011

Compact Attack

From top to bottom: Purple Hello Kitty, Target; Golden Girls, Etsy, Snappy Mirrors; Rainbow cloud, Etsy, Snappy Mirrors; Pink rhinestones, ULTA; Green angel, Michael's; Red rhinestone, Victoria's Secret; Yellow leaf, Etsy, Snappy Mirrors; "Pee Wee's Playhouse's" Jambi, (formerly of Etsy), Abbie Road Designs; Pink Hello Kitty, Target

It's no secret that I love to collect things.  Colorful, sparkly, gumball-machine-looking things that serve no practical purpose.  (Maybe that's why I've always loved The Little Mermaid.  Ariel was an acquirer too, what with her cave full of doppelgangers and snarblats.)  Perhaps the most useless (and fledgling) of my collections is my compact collection.  Nine times out of ten, I just use the boring old green Cover Girl pressed powder compact I carry in my purse.  (No offense, Cover Girl.  Your powder is top notch despite its uninspired packaging.)  I think this is probably because it takes effort to rummage through my compacts and pluck out a winner.  Still, sometimes I like to glance in their (purse-printed!) box and take in all of their rainbowed splendor.  If not for such pleasures, then I wouldn't bother collecting anything at all.