Saturday, October 29, 2011

Etsy Favorites - Eighties Edge

It's colorful.  It's over the top.  It's the age of excess (and of INXS).  It's the 1980s, my favorite fashion decade and the focus of this week's Etsy Favorites post.  I thought I'd find lots of cool stuff to feature in my Etsy search, but the pickings turned out to be slim.  Then again, maybe that's because my criteria were strict, i.e., no shoulder pads please!  So I was especially excited when these party pretties popped out of the otherwise dull handmade stratosphere.  Just looking at them makes me want to blast "Material Girl" and down some Pop Rocks.  Sound like a good time?  Then pile on the bangles and check out what else these designers have in store!

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