Friday, October 7, 2011

(Never) Too Many Tights

To me, tights are something of a super accessory because they can make or break an outfit and keep you warm.  (Show me a handbag that can do that.)  With so many colors, textures, and patterns to choose from, it's no wonder that I've built up such a store of them over the years.  I have two hat boxes so crammed with the things that they pop up like those dreaded worms in a can whenever I crack the lids.  Yet even with such a collection, I get all misty-eyed when I discover a rogue hole or snag.  Especially if it's somewhere conspicuous (read: embarrassing) and I'm unarmed with clear nail polish. 


Jewel Divas said...

I love tights but can never find unusual ones anywhere. Just boring old black.

What about keeping each pair in ziplock bags. You can still see what they are and keep them from getting snagged on anything.

The Tote Trove said...

Really? That's odd. I get most of mine at J. C. Penney's, Kohl's, Marshalls, or online. We Love Colors,, is a really good site for unusual tights. They are on the expensive side, though, and tend to run a little big.

That's not a bad idea. (I've certainly adopted it for my personal handmade jewelry!) But I think I've grown weirdly accustomed to seeing my tights in a colorful tangle, so I'll probably continue to let them run free :)