Sunday, October 23, 2011

Etsy Favorites - Halloween Queen

 California Girls Sweet Treats Candy Burlesque Tulle Rainbow Costume, Madame Gigi's
(This dream dress has actually already been sold.  I can't help but wonder how the lucky buyer will accessorize it!)

Although I've always loved to dress up, I've never been on board with the macabre side of Halloween.  As a kid I masqueraded as benignly girly princesses, flappers, fairies, southern belles, and one misguided year, a bird. (Sadly, no one knew what I was despite my feather-bedecked turtleneck and yellow sneakers.)  In a nostalgic celebration of such glam getups, I scoured Etsy for frocks and finishing touches and came up with these five pretty pieces.  So, whether you're costume ball bound or just taking a trip down memory lane, these stunners are sure to cast a spell.   


SparkleFarkle said...

"Although I've always loved to dress up, I've never been on board with the macabre side of Halloween..."

GOOD GOLLY, Miss Totey! A thousand sincerely-asked-for pardons I do beg of you, if I have indeed put you in a spooky-tight spot! I do apologise profusely as I just now realize how creepy it must be each time you visit my blog during the Halloweeny holiday season, because so encrusted with the Darkside is my page, that it must be like being forced to enter a House of Horrors for you each time you are in my neighborhood! What a self-sacrificing friend you are indeed ♥! I thank you from the bottom of my mis-matched striped socks for paying me visits even when a cup of the macabre is not your kind of tea.

You must know this though (Shhhh! Can this remain our little secret?): as a Halloweened smitch, I likewise morphed into a shiny pink princess, a flapper, belles of many sorts, (Sorry, never a feather-bedecked, turtlenecked "anything," though, as far as I can remember.) and a fairy (<--An experience so impacting that for years after I begged my mom to legally change my name to "Tink"!)!

I still love pretty and sparkly and --if I had my druthers-- everything would have at least one coat of glitter applied to it. Somewhere along the line, though, and during a time that, day after day, found me at my most vulnerable, someone I trusted time-and-again told me that was the "me" I was NOT entitled to be and, sadly/regrettably I LISTENED to them.

The Good News: about two years ago, I was lucky enough to get a smitch of a glimpse of that "me" in the mirror! “SHE’S STILL THERE!” I happily yikes to myself. My heart quickened enough so that, immediately, I dropped the hot potato who thought he was in charge of the world–-MY world--and pointed myself back in the right direction (<--The sign post read: "Will the Real SparkleFarkle Please Stand Up?").

Yep, I'm almost there, but not quite. Three steps forward, two steps back--ya know what I mean? (No, I'm NOT Paula Abdul wannabee.)

You must also know that you are true inspiration! I so admire your confident way of being. You always seem to know exactly how you want to live. You have the courage to create your own world and live out your dreams. Thank you for sharing “you” with the likes of me.

Yes, I am healingly making my comeback, but in the meantime, I hide behind weird exteriors, such as macabre-y Halloween templates and ooey gooeys that go bump in the night, whether it's All Hallows Even, or not! LOl!

GoD, listen to me babble on and on, inside-outing myself like there's no tomorrow! Lol! Thanks for the ear. I'm just saying I am sorry if my gruesomes have in anyway offended you. I’m also just saying (in far too many words) that my hopes are high that I will someday and soonly be living up to the first part of my username again --and thanks ahead of time for (once a secret to you-->) helping me return.

♥, SparkleFarkle~~~~~*

P.S. Can I wear the Water Lily dress today? Thanks!

P.P.S. All this SparkleFarkle-speak brings a Handeyism to mind:

"I think the mistake a lot of us make is thinking the court-appointed psychiatrist is our 'friend.'"

LOL! Have a great week!

The Tote Trove said...

It takes more than a few macabre blog posts to offend me :) Thanks for opening up. And for all the lovely compliments.