Friday, October 21, 2011

Something New and Sparkly - Lollipop, Lollipop, Oooh La La Lollipop

Tee: Kohl's
Dress: XOXO
Shoes: Barefeet Shoes
Bag: Nahui Ollin
Belt: Kohl's
Necklace: The Tote Trove

With Halloween on the horizon, I have candy on the brain.  But then, show me a kawaii-slash-kitsch enthusiast who doesn't love those big, old-fashioned rainbow lollipops that take hours to eat and look so fetching on candy shop counters.  I happen to be on the lookout for one myself, as it'll be the perfect finishing touch for next weekend's Halloween costume.  (More on that later.  I realize I say this a lot and often never make good on it, jeopardizing my journalistic [er, diarist's] credibility.  But this time I mean it, especially because if I didn't, then model-to-be Tammy would have my head.)

A word about this dress.  It looks sort of dreadful on its own.  Really.  It's only the camouflage of the cerulean tee and the circus-bright accessories that turn on its charm.  Also, I thought it was a dressy nylon-poly knit when I ordered it, but it turned out to be a far more casual (and wrinkly) poly that resembles cotton.  I haven't worn it yet.  Truth be told, I'm a little hesitant. 

Poly knit notwithstanding, I'm really liking the color combinations going on here, especially the way the crazy colors of the necklace, shoes, and bag anchor the tee, dress, and belt. 

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