Thursday, October 15, 2009

Just for Fun

Today's work outfit, featuring one of my earliest necklaces. It was pretty earthy for me, but then that was before I discovered using dollhouse miniatures, ribbon, plastic beads, erasers, and other unconventional items in my jewelry. This one's still nice, though. I have a matching bracelet too but left it at work (it kept catching on my shirt).

My sister bought me this box-style clutch from Express for either Christmas or my birthday last year. It's included in this little lineup because it's part of an outfit. True to form, I posted these pictures in order instead of backwards, forgetting how they appear in Blogger. (Hey, what more can you really expect from someone with an English degree?)

My awesome 70% off Betseyville shoes. But they killed. Like no other shoes on earth. I had to wear my mom's slippers home. Whoever said that expensive shoes don't hurt and that what you're paying for is better construction and comfort was clearly lying.

I rigged up this old reversible scarf from Wet Seal and this pin slash ponytail holder from J. C. Penney's (well, not a ponytail holder anymore since I snipped the bulky and offending elastic) to create a headband. The effect was unusual, if not a little piratey (see below).

Arghh - there I am! A little blurry, a little costumey. But sometimes playing dress up means pushing your boundaries, and I'm prepared to take my lumps when necessary.

Close up of a purse I hand-painted and rhinestoned once upon a time for The Tote Trove. And what's that I see? Why, it's the guitar pick charm I got as part of Design by Cassandra's rock-star-worthy giveaway. It seems like it was made for this handbag, and I love it.

Getting the full effect of the bag.

And here's the Victorian necklace (along with a store-bought barrette) I recently created as one of my Makes.

The shoes, crazy tights, and a glimpse of the dress . . .

. . . and the puzzle's complete! Maybe posting the pictures backward was more interesting after all.

Pizza time with my quirky handmade eraser bracelet. I did not make the ring; that honor goes to Wet Seal. But I sort of wish I had. Perhaps I have a future in resin making.

A close-up of my 80s-inspired tunic.

More pizza, this time in necklace-form.

My $10 Barefeet Shoes find (these, by the way, also kill) and polka-dotted Target leggings.

The whole nine yards, posed outside on a dreary day in Brigantine.

You scream, I scream . . . Is there no end to the wonder that is there erasers?!

Another Tote Trove creation that now resides in my closet. It was christened the Grape Soda bag because of the tiny soda bottle-shaped buttons. And the purple color. Lest there be any confusion.

So happy together! I must take a moment to brag about the lilac leather jacket in this picture (far right). I found it at - of course - J. C. Penney's years ago for just $4! I thought it had to be pleather, by no, it's the real deal. I snagged one for my mom also, in turquoise.

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Cassandra Watsham said...

Oh, nice! The key fob is perfect for that bag!