Saturday, October 31, 2009

Make and Tell Challenge, Day 61

Today I went grocery shopping, made two pumpkin pies, did the dishes, did three loads of laundry, and painted the second coat of the Rainbow Roses Tote while watching the last half of Failure to Launch, a movie I only marginally like and have seen far too many times, and three episodes of "Everybody Loves Raymond." I never watched that one while it was in prime time, but I had a drama/literature professor who liked to analyze the characters the way you would literary characters. I think he was going for an everyday human drama thing, peeling back the psychological layers of seemingly normal people to explain why they sometimes do abnormal things. If nothing else, that take makes it more interesting for me to watch.

The bf and I will be departing soon for my parents' house, where we'll be watching the World Series. Well, my dad will be watching. He's the original Phillies fanatic (ha ha), so I'm hoping they win; otherwise he'll be one unhappy camper. I'll be drawing totes and/or making jewelry. The pies are my contribution to the evening. I never made them before, but I followed the recipe on the Libby's pumpkin can (with only a few of my signature departures), and they smell good, so my hopes are high.

Here's a picture of the bf clowning around for your Halloween enjoyment. It wasn't actually taken today, but a few months back when I was putting seasonal stuff in the attic. Ironically, the pumpkin candy holder thing is not with us today. Not that it matters; Brigantine becomes a ghost town after Labor Day, which means zero trick-or-treaters. I didn't realize that last year, and the bf and I ended up eating all of the goodies ourselves. Oh, and here are my (festive) feet from yesterday. I wasn't so keen on the way the rest of my outfit photographed, so that's why this is all there is.

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