Friday, October 30, 2009

Make and Tell Challenge, Day 60

Wow. When I typed in Day 60 I could hardly believe it. This Challenge is really moving along! For tonight's task I finished the second coat on the Proud Peacock Tote - well, almost. I ran to A.C. Moore on my lunch break today to pick up a new jar of Jacquard's Lumiere Turquoise Pearl fabric paint (although I reordered the rest of my colors from Dharma Trading Co. in bulk recently, I'd forgotten this one). But when I went to find the jar later, it wasn't there. Thankfully, I didn't get charged for it. Yet I was annoyed. I suppose it's back to good old A.C. next chance I get. Tomorrow I'll aim to add the second coat to the Rainbow Roses Tote. I think there'll be some pie baking, too, in honor of the Halloween festivities.

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