Monday, October 19, 2009

Make and Tell Challenge, Day 49

As predicted, I made an eraser necklace tonight. This faux gold double-stranded piece features nine - yes, nine - dessert-shaped kawaii erasers. I've been amassing these little gems from my local A. C. Moore, and no matter how many I have I always seem to want more. I was so transfixed by them that I Googled Iwako Japanese erasers the other day. Apparently, they're a big deal on the other side of the world, so much so that there are Iwako knock-offs. According to the Iwako site, only erasers manufactured in Japan are the genuine article, whereas erasers made in China are fakes. I instantly surveyed my little collection and discovered that I own a little of each (I guess A. C. Moore doesn't discriminate.). There's even an Iwako museum in Japan at the company headquarters. But the most shocking revelation was yet to come. These erasers are puzzles! I should've realized this, because there's a picture of them coming apart on the package (well, on the knock-off packages.) This explained a lot, as I was having particular trouble with the pizza eraser necklace I made a while back. The cheese filling was sort of popping out of the crust, although I was able to contain it with a little Gem-tac. So, that's the story of these crazy little erasers. I can't help but notice that they're popping up everywhere in Etsy shops, including two of my favorites, and But I'll be the only one enjoying my creation. I can't wait to break it in!

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