Saturday, October 3, 2009

Make and Tell Challenge, Day 33

I skipped Day 32 of the Challenge because the fam went out to dinner for my aunt's birthday last night, beginning the little ritual we fondly refer to as the "birthday circuit" for the fall 2009-spring 2010 season. (Basically, we go out to a different Italian restaurant for each of our birthdays, then have cake and presents at my parents' house.) I had optimistically packed two pouches to work on during my presumed downtime, but it never materialized, so I lumped them in with today's tasks. I ended up decorating a bunch of pouches, as well as adding the second coat of paint to my remaining eight wine bags. This took the entire day (I rented Ghosts of Girlfriends Past to while away some of the time, then indulged in some Lifetime originals; it was all kind of irritating.). After dinner, the bf showed me how to use the sewing machine (newly acquired from my sister, who has two) to begin hemming some of my tablecloths for tomorrow's Renault Winery show. I had ever even attempted it before and was kind of amused by the pedal. Look out; I just may be making a line of clutch handbags once I really get the hang of it and conclude my summer totes (but don't hold your breath; it could take awhile).

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