Sunday, October 11, 2009

Make and Tell Challenge, Day 41

Today I went shopping with my mother and picked up some much-needed jewelry findings. When I returned, I made another ribbon necklace with my remaining wooden beads (I still have a fair amount of my handmade magazine beads). At one point I ran out of the wooden beads and was forced to start incorporating some plastic ones, which really messed with the look of this necklace. Not that it looks bad. It's just not as vibrant as its predecessors. After taking a "Desperate Housewives" break, I moved on to a necklace involving this orange paua shell pendant, which I picked up in Walmart the other day. Who knew that was such a source for cute, affordable jewelry stuff? Anyway, I decided to make this necklace double-stranded, using gold glass bugle beads for one strand and rainbow glass seed beads for the other (both also purchased at the Wal). Although it has a simple, elegant look I can't help but feel that it comes up a little short. I'm regretting not picking up more paua shell pendants (they came in green and red also) to intersperse throughout the necklace to make it a real statement piece. Then again, that would be my taste, and not everyone likes over-the-top stuff. So maybe it's better the way it is. Besides, I can always make the more elaborate version later. Tomorrow I'm looking at another homebody day (hooray for Christopher Columbus!). Since most of my more mundane chores are out of the way, I'm hoping this means I can delve into some more exciting projects.

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VenetiaJewelry said...

I like the wood and plastic combo it gives the necklace a cool vibe